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Automatic production line, strict production management

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Automatic production line, strict production management

As one of China's five major aerosol manufacturers and one of the industry standard setters, Ludao technology has a strong production management capacity. It covers an area of 35500 square meters, has 26 automatic aerosol production lines and a 10,000-grade GMP purification workshop, with an annual output of 200 million cans of aerosol and 30000 tons of washing products, and has passed GMP, Wal Mart, FDA, reach and other certification.


Ludao technology not only has superiorities in the production of raw material formula, but also has powerful strength in the design and production of product filling and packaging.

In terms of aerosol raw material production, Ludao technology has 20 sets of automatic weighing reaction caldron , factory assembly line production capacity can reach 600 tons and 20 aerosol automatic production line, equipped with automatic valve on the machine, automatic weighing machine, automatic water bath test equipment (after 55 ℃ temperature of waterbath full inspection), automatic pressure cap machine and other advanced equipment, total 20 of the automatic assembly line capacity can reach 200 million cans. In addition, it has a 10,000-grade GMP purification workshop and 5 water purification processors, which has obtained the national  production license .In terms of GMP production, the company has been able to meet the relevant conditions and technology, production management and site management, and the product quality is stable. It has the experience of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad in entrusting the processing of aerosol moisturizing cosmetics.


In terms of filling, Ludao technology as a professional and modern aerosol factory, with more than 20 automatic filling production lines, annual aerosol filling capacity of 200 million cans, the company is strong and skilled.The company has introduced two automatic production lines imported from Switzerland for aerosol cans, with a daily production capacity of 600,000 cans.

In terms of packaging material production, Ludao technology has 38 large-sized Haitian automatic injection molding machines and 10 large-sized bottle blowing machines. Each injection molding machine is equipped with automatic mechanical arm and loading machine. The annual output of 38 injection molding machines can reach 300 million cans in 24 hours.The bottle blowing machine can produce 30 million bottles 24 hours .


Ludao technology has many advantageous production lines, among which car maintenance, air freshener and home cleaning and washing are particularly outstanding.

In terms of automobile beauty and further maintenance products, the company's multi-functional foam cleaning, tire brightener, table wax, fuel series detergent, fuel additive, brake system maintenance, three-way catalytic converter cleaning and maintenance products have been selected as gold suppliers by many companies.

In the production of solid freshener, it has an automatic filling, cooling, sealing and labeling production line, with a daily production capacity of 50,000 cans.In addition, in terms of mosquito repellent insecticide, the production line of fully automatic mosquito repellent liquid and mosquito repellent tablets can produce up to 50,000 boxes per day.

In terms of detergent production, it has 2 automatic water purification processors, 5 automatic 10-ton reaction caldron and 10 10-ton raw material storage tanks, with annual dosing capacity up to 5,000 tons.In terms of production, it has 3 automatic washing liquid filling lines with an annual capacity of 12 million bottles.Five semi-automatic filling lines with an annual capacity of 6 million bottles.



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