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Green Island Makeup

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"Green Island Makeup" Qiao intends to take stock of the crisis, strengthen internal management, and increase R&D efforts, and achieved an output value of more than 83 million yuan in the first 7 months, year-on-yearAn increase of 26%.

In the early autumn season, I walked into Taizhou Lvdao Technology Co., Ltd., which is full of pleasant scenes of catching production and ensuring growth: more than 10 workers are constantly moving goods to two containers; new production line projects are under construction; new 300,000-level standard purification The workshop passed the acceptance...

Taizhou Lvdao Technology is an aerosol manufacturer engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sale of products such as air fresheners and aerosol insecticides. The general manager of the company Han Jianhua \"Since this year, the company has faced difficulties, strengthened internal management, strengthened research and development, and maintained a good momentum of rapid development. In the first July, it achieved an output value of 83.19 million yuan, an increase of 26%"

At the beginning of this year, when faced with many problems such as unscientific management, low product prices, shrinking foreign trade exports, and declining profitability, the company first established a strict award-reduction and over-penalty system to strengthen \"the province’s money can’t be spent indiscriminately\" Concept. Han Jianhua said that they decomposed various savings indicators into departments and individuals, and \"shuffled\" the suppliers, reducing raw material procurement costs by more than 10 percentage points. At the same time, a series of new measures to revitalize inventory assets were introduced, and in just a few months, more than 5 million yuan was revitalized. In April, the company changed its slump in the first quarter, and its gross profit from sales reached more than 20%, a year-on-year increase of 13%.

In terms of investment in research and development, the company did not hesitate to set up a research and development department, hired a doctor-level technical director to develop shaving foam, sunscreen and other cosmetics, and passed the on-site acceptance of Zhejiang Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau in July this year. \"At present, we have received a large order of more than 10 million cans of shaving foam, which can generate about 4 million yuan for the company’s income.\" Han Jianhua said happily that the company also invested more than 800,000 yuan to improve the production equipment and move the cosmetics production line from The original 5 were increased to 7." Now we are more energetic than ever, and this year is expected to achieve a production value of 200 million yuan.\" Han Jianhua expressed with confidence.

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