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Green Island Technology launched aerosol theme salon, in-depth exchange of industry experts to share cutting-edge technology experience

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At the beginning of the new spring, the spring is blooming, 80 people come from eachBig brands and high-quality aerosol suppliers gathered at the beautiful West Lake to talk and analyze aerosol products. This is the first special skill after the New Year's group meeting of the Hangzhou Branch of Packaging House on January 5Surgery salon.


Aerosol products are familiar and unfamiliar. Everywhere in life, but there is little professional interpretation. Hereby, the packaging house Hangzhou Branch and the listed company Zhejiang Green Island Technology Co., Ltd. planned this event together, and invited the director and professor of the China Packaging Federation Aerosol Professional Committee, the member of the United Nations Medical and Chemical Technology Alternative Committee, Mr. You Yizhong, known as the father of Chinese aerosol, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Contribution Certificate, winner of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Ozone Layer Protection Award, special allowance from the State Council, Mr. Chen Chenhua, general manager of Shanghai Jiatian Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd., Lan Jindi, Sales Director of Apta (Wantong) Beauty Department, Deputy Director Expert of the Aerosol Professional Committee of China Packaging Federation, Technical Director of Zhejiang Green Island Technology Co., Ltd., Former SC Johnson Global Aerosol R&D Expert Mr. Kang Zhenyu, Mr. Wang Xiaobing, general manager and senior engineer of Zhejiang Green Island Technology Co., Ltd., shared valuable experience in trends, aluminum cans, valves, product labels, transportation and quality control, and product development points.

The salon was kicked off by the warm speech of Mr. Li Sheng, the vice president of Packaging House and the head of Packaging House Technology Center. Professor You Yizhong delivered a passionate speech. He believes that the need is the source of development. Cosmetics and aerosols are combined. From the perspective of big data, South Africa has 2.11 cans of cosmetic aerosols per capita in 2017, compared with 0.22 cans in China. In 1991, Professor You saw a double-headed aerosol product overseas. One end was shaving foam and the other was skin cream. The owner bid $100. Finally, Professor You got this sample for free with a smart answer. Professor You feels that aerosols have a long way to go, and they need to promote and popularize, learn to track and pass on, and realize the Chinese dream-aerosol products with Chinese characteristics. There was a warm applause from the audience, paying tribute to the father of the Chinese aerosol and to his Chinese dream.


People rely on clothing, and good products are inseparable from good packaging. Shen Chenhua, general manager of Shanghai Jiatian Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd., took us closer to the world of aluminum cans and learned how steel is made. Mr. Shen shared the six key indicators of aluminum cans are flanging height, compressive strength of can mouth, contact height, outer diameter of can mouth, inner diameter of can mouth and blasting pressure of deformation, also introduced inner coating, one-cut process and discoloration And soft-touch surface processing technology.

A good horse is equipped with a good saddle. With the aluminum can, we still need a good valve. Ms. Lan Jindi, Sales Director of Apta (Wantong) Beauty Division introduced the structure, classification and application of the valve to us. Valves are generally divided into one-way valves and two-way valves according to domestic habits. The advantages of the binary valve or BOV are whether it is a dangerous product or a lower development cost; the development of the material body is more free; the pressure is more stable and the atomization effect is better, which is unmatched by ordinary pump heads; it is environmentally friendly packaging. BOV is now widely used in makeup sprays, hydration sprays, soothing sprays, sunscreen sprays, body lotions/lotions, etc.

Mr. Kang Zhenyu, deputy director expert of the China Packaging Federation Aerosol Professional Committee, technical director of Zhejiang Lvdao Technology Co., Ltd., and former global aerosol research and development expert of SC Johnson Corporation, popularized the labeling and corresponding transportation requirements of aerosol products for us , Category 1-extremely flammable aerosols, Category 2-flammable aerosols, these two categories are dangerous goods, should meet JT/T 617.1-617.7-2018 Dangerous Goods Road Transportation Rules, GB 28644.2-2012 Dangerous Goods Limited Quantity and packaging requirements. Category 3—Non-flammable aerosols, without labels, are not dangerous goods. The quality control of aerosol products includes the filling of finished products, the flow and control of packaging production, key process control, core verification tests of aerosol products and major problems that may be encountered in production inspections.

Mr. Wang Xiaobing, general manager and senior engineer of Zhejiang Lvdao Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the key points of aerosol product development in terms of aerosol packaging selection and contents.

1. The aerosol container has three forms: aluminum can, tinplate can and PET resin can. Aerosol container selection factors: container material, inner coating material, container size, container shape, stability test results.

2. Selection factors of aerosol valve: material of sealing cup, inner coating of sealing cup, valve stem aperture, valve chamber aperture, rubber gasket and stability test. Selection factors of aerosol nozzles: spray state requirements, aesthetic requirements, mousse nozzles, mist sprays, powder-containing products, stability testing.

3. Selection factors of aerosol cover: fitting degree: matching without obvious gaps, not sloshing, opening force: general cosmetics are 2-5KG, load-bearing test, drop test, anti-aging test and beauty.

4. The contents of aerosol are: 1. propellant, liquefied gas, compressed gas, 2. stock solution, aqueous solution, non-aqueous solution, emulsion. The product form includes soft mist moisturizing spray, sunscreen spray, massage foaming lotion, post foaming gel, no-rinse shampoo spray, sunscreen BB mousse, foam shampoo, carbon dioxide foam facial cleanser and so on.


(Sharon ended with an interactive session with the guests, and the experts answered the questions of the guests in detail)

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