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High-tech research and development laboratory, specializing in the rapid development of domestic and foreign product formulas

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Green Island Technology R&D Center was established in 2008 and has 12 years of development history. Currently, it has 82 technical backbone personnel and covers an area of 2,041 square meters. The research center was awarded \"City-level High-tech Development\" by Taizhou Science and Technology Bureau in 2011. \"Technology Research and Development Center\", \"Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research Center\" issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology in 2012, \"Taizhou Municipal Technology Center\" issued by the Taizhou Economic and Information Commission, issued by the China Packaging Federation in 2014 \"China Domestic Environmental Protection Aerosol Technology R&D Center\" and other honorary titles. Ludao Technology has a strong management team and technical team, mainly engaged in household cleaning aerosols, car cleaning aerosols, fabric care aerosols, animal and plant care aerosols, killing products, air fresheners, etc. More than 200 series of more than 200 R & D, production and sales of various varieties of products.

Breakthrough due to technology, and strong due to talent.

In terms of hard power, Ludao Technology has a 100,000-level GMP purification workshop, 26 sets of automatic aerosol production lines, and an annual production capacity of 200 million cans. The laboratory has a net area of 2,300 square meters, a 10,000-level purification level micro-test room, a biological testing site simulation laboratory, a household washing laboratory, and a series of automotive development experiments. It is equipped with a Winner spray laser particle size analyzer and aerosol. Modern testing equipment such as test filling machine, gas chromatograph, explosion-proof oven, simulated automobile transportation vibration testing machine, etc., provides a more refined and scientific data powerful aerosol production line for R&D and production. The current rapid development of micro-commerce, e-commerce, and social e-commerce has caused some customers' \"explosion\" phenomenon to be caught off guard. The strong supply chain resources have become the core competitiveness of the producers. If the production capacity cannot keep up or If the quality of the same batch cannot be maintained at the same level, it is easy to miss business opportunities. The strong production line is where Ludao Technology responds quickly to the changing market demands. Lvdao's R&D and production capabilities will allow it to face the unexpected situation of its customers \"urgently needing hundreds of thousands of products a day\".

In terms of soft power, it has won \"Lvdao aerosol municipal aerosol research and development center\", \"Lvdao aerosol provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center\",\"China household environmental protection aerosol research and development center \" and many other honorary titles. It has a full-time R&D team including doctoral and master's students studying abroad, and has established cooperative relations with many domestic universities and scientific research institutions such as the School of Chemical Engineering and Taizhou College of Jiangnan University. Involved in the research and development of more than 200 varieties of products in eight series including household cleaning aerosols, car cleaning aerosols, fabric care aerosols, animal and plant care aerosols, killing products, and air fresheners. Ludao has 31 patents, 16 scientific and technological achievements registered, 4 provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards and 3 aerosol industry innovation awards, and has successively carried out (Study on the stability of flavors and fragrances in aerosols), \"Mosquitoes\" Research on the technology of \"refraining from fresheners\", \"the development and application of nano-silver antibacterial detergents\" and more than 20 papers have been published in various journals and magazines. During the development process, Green Island has formed unique independent knowledge Property rights innovation system, and participated in the formulation and revision of national aerosol industry standards, household hygiene insecticide supplies industry standards and more than 10 various standards. Green Island Technology and the European Aerosol Association, Japan Aerosol Association has more than 10 Years of communication and long-term experience in customizing and exporting spray products for international brands.

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Green Island Technology is not only a manufacturer of production, but also a service provider of a full solution. Lvdao Technology has been cultivating the aerosol industry for 18 years. With accumulated experience, it also has the ability to plan the whole case. From the analysis of consumption data to the planning, sizing and packaging of market products, including sales counseling, there is a mature service system that can provide customers with one-stop product development and manufacturing solutions.

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