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Ludao Technology Co., Ltd. shows the innovative spirit to the world

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Since its establishment,  Ludao Technology Co., Ltd. has actively participated in every exhibition. As a regular customer of exhibition, it has been adhering to the business philosophy of brand, specialization and internationalization, and hand in hand to create a surprise and comfortable new experience of visiting and negotiating for customers. Businessmen from all over the world gather in the exhibition hall to enjoy the product style of "made in China" and enjoy a dazzling visual feast. The products exhibited in the exhibition are very popular with the public, won the attention and praise of customers, and achieved a complete success.

From "made in China" to "created in China" 

"Low price and poor quality" used to be the synonym of "made in China", attracting foreign businessmen through low price. Therefore, many foreign purchasers often use various exhibition platforms to reduce prices and compare prices. In addition, some aerosol enterprises have weak innovation ability and poor brand awareness, and adopt low price strategy in international competition, which makes the brand image worse.


 Ludao Co., Ltd. is known for its scientific and technological innovation and product innovation. It has been adhering to the road of independent brand development for many years, and is a representative enterprise of China aerosol industry from "made in China" to "created in China". Since participating in various exhibitions,On the one hand, green island continuously strengthens brand standardization, established an international operation system and formed a long-term maintenance mechanism. On the other hand, we continue to deepen the strategy of product differentiation, adhere to the principle of "no price war", deeply tap the product value through the innovation of science and technology and products, and create a good enterprise brand image at home and abroad.


At present, the export volume of Ludao's self-supporting business keeps increasing every year. Now it has a number of international trademarks, and its products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, benefiting tens of millions of families, and gaining wide praise from customers at home and abroad.


(Wang Xiaobing, general manager of  Ludao technology company, was interviewed by CCTV documentary "ingenuity" on the exhibition site)

These large-scale comprehensive international trade stages, such as the Canton Fair and the Expo, not only record the number of Ludao exhibitions, the types of exhibits, the number of customers and the number of transactions, but also record every step of the development of Ludao from weak to strong and from small to large from another unique perspective.


The company's participation in the exhibition focuses on broadening vision, opening ideas, learning advanced, exchange and cooperation, making full use of the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, exchanging, communicating and negotiating with customers and dealers who come to visit, further improving the company's brand awareness and influence, and further understanding the product characteristics of advanced enterprises in the same industry, so as to better improve its product structure and give full play to itself advantages.

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