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Safety production, responsibility is more important than Mount Tai, Green Island carried out safety production knowledge training

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Zhejiang Green IslandUnder the leadership of General Manager Wang Xiaobing, Science and Technology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the safety production of the enterprise, and pays close attention to safety production. It organizes education and training, safety production knowledge exams, safety production speech activities from time to time, and strengthens the safety production awareness of each employee. Analyze the necessity of safety production from the actual safety accidents, and then make improvements according to the actual problems of the company, and truly form the atmosphere of the long-term safety alarm, safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai.

The explosion accident in Tianjin Binhai New Area has attracted attention all over China, but there are still corporate security accidents happening. In order to prevent the tragedy from recurring, firmly establish the production concept of \"safety first, life first\" and create a new normal of safety supervision. On the afternoon of June 7, Zhejiang Green Island Technology Co., Ltd. organized a safety production knowledge training meeting.

At the meeting, Director Kang Zhenyu started from the three aspects of safety production concepts, management points, investigation and rectification. Through the analysis of real cases, in-depth analysis of the causes of accidents, and proposed measures to prevent such accidents, thereby deepening the safety of participants Production awareness. The personnel participating in this training are those of team leader or above.

At the meeting, Director Kang repeatedly emphasized the importance of safe production, focusing on the unsafe state of the four major hazards and the unsafe behavior of people, which is also the most direct cause of some accidents. Director Kang gave a detailed explanation on the operation and maintenance of the equipment in the factory and the daily hidden trouble investigation, and reiterated the seriousness of the violation of various regulations and processes.


After the meeting, General Manager Wang Xiaobing once again emphasized the importance of safe production and asked everyone to:

1. Production must follow strict rules and procedures.

2. Check hidden dangers carefully to prevent leakage.

3. Dangerous behaviors are strictly prohibited.

4. Report and deal with security problems in time.

In recent years, Lvdao has always put safety production at the top. It focuses on safety production training every year. It usually requires strict requirements, establishes dedicated staff, eliminates old equipment, and regularly checks lines to ensure that safety is implemented and realized. \"Safety accident 0\". Safe production is not only related to the development of the enterprise, but also to the life and health of every employee. Through training, employees have a profound understanding of the importance of safety, which has played a huge role in promoting the company's safety production and employees' life and health.

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