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Wang Xiaobing, General Manager of Lvdao Technology Co., Ltd.:"Exploit and cultivate, make good use of local talents"

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   Industrial transformation and upgrading requires talent support, high-end talent is indispensable, and mid-level talent is also very important. Wang Xiaobing, who works in the aerosol industry, has always been concerned about the cultivation of mid-level talents. He believes that in the future industrial transformation and upgrading and machine replacement, we can not only rely on the introduction of talents, but also focus on solving the problem of local mid-level talent cultivation, tapping talents,\"energy\", and using local talents.

Wang Xiaobing is the general manager of Zhejiang Lvdao Technology Co., Ltd. and the consultant of China Packaging Federation Aerosol Professional Committee. He is familiar with the current status of enterprise talents. For the needs of mid-level talents in enterprises, Wang Xiaobing described it as "very prosperous". He feels that government departments often spend great efforts to introduce high-end talents, but the training of middle-level talents is not strong enough, and there are relatively few incentives.

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"Under the background of industrial transformation and upgrading, enterprises have a great demand for middle-level talents."In Wang Xiaobing’s view, middle-level talents are the left and right arms of high-level talents. In Ludao, enterprise technology research and development, machine repair, ingredients, management A large number of middle-level talents are required, but after the introduction of talents, most of the remaining are local talents.

"Enterprise transformation and future development, these middle-level talents with high technical and cultural levels are essential, it is the backbone of the enterprise and the backbone of the enterprise.\"Wang Xiaobing said that the government departments should also tap when introducing talents Local talent resources.

Wang Xiaobing also made suggestions on how to cultivate local talents. He believes that the key lies in the systematic vocational training of local talents and the introduction of incentive policies such as housing subsidies to break the dilemma of low-level talents.

"You can integrate college graduates or young employees with a certain level of education in our county, conduct systematic training, and establish relevant files for them, continue to follow up their training and employment status, and further strengthen their training.\" Wang Xiaobing suggested.

The current middle-level talents are likely to be top-notch talents and high-end talents in the future. \"Local mid-level talent training should not be limited to enterprises. All industries and industries should increase their efforts in digging and training. I hope that our county can cultivate mid-level talents as soon as possible, so that more local high-end talents can emerge and promote the rapid development of our county.\"Wang Xiaobing looked forward.

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